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A weird carefree lazy girl who uses this account to train her awful English. As well as, revealing her geekness. Has a certain fondness towards singing software called VOCALOID (especially Kaito) and have unhealthy obsession towards anyone who makes the Vocaloid sound good plus anyone who sings good. Also loves creepy songs as much as she loves Folklore styled songs, though she pretty much like anything that she thinks good, from cheesy pop to scream-fest.

Aside Vocaloid stuff, Renchan also loves drawing and writing weird poetries, although she rarely pimpin' them here, so checks her DA too. Anime nd manga are also here. Because she can't live without them.

But if you're looking real; life crap, I'm sorry but you can't find them here, because Renchan thinks her life isn't worth to write and she is pretty much a private person.p